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La Rambla, Plaça Reial and Barceloneta were the first places on the personal map that Luis Claramunt (Barcelona, 1951 – Zarautz, 2000) began to explore as he set out to discover the world after leaving his bourgeois family home. When he left Barcelona in the eighties, Seville, Marrakesh, Bilbao and Madrid became the new backdrops for his artistic practice. Although Claramunt travelled towards the south, he did not share earlier travellers’ thirst for romanticism and exoticism.

Although Claramunt is known almost exclusively for his work as a painter, the exhibition 'Luis Claramunt. The Vertical Journey' presents a broad selection of works ranging from paintings, drawings and photographs to the self-published books he made from the early seventies to the late nineties.

Bartomeu Marí and Nuria Enguita explain Claramunt's relationship with his environment and provide some clues to understanding his work.

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