19/04/2012 16' 31''

MACBA explores the world of film through two exhibitions. The first, Military Series, consists of three documentaries by Aleksandr Sokurov that deal with military life in Russia. It includes "Elegy of a Voyage", which was the Russian filmmaker's first production commissioned by a museum. "Military Series" coincides with the Spanish theatrical release of Faust, the film with which Sokurov won the Golden Lion at the 2011 Venice International Film Festival.

At the same time, MACBA presents the cult film "Lejos de los árboles" ("Far from the Trees"), by Jacinto Esteva, one of the leading filmmakers from the Barcelona School. Pere Portabella, the producer of the film, has re-edited a new version of this classic work, and Daria Esteva, the daughter of the late filmmaker, has deposited a copy with the Museum. The film shows numerous festivals and gory rituals from rural Spain, and invites viewers to reflect on the role of folklore in society.

Carles Guerra and Daria Esteva talk about the films by Aleksandr Sokurov and Jacinto Esteva.

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