• 00:01 Intro
  • 01:03 There’s no way back
  • 03:10 Capitalist Realism
  • 07:25 Neoliberalism and mental illness
  • 09:00 Really Existing Capitalism
  • 18:35 Nick Land
  • 21:35 CCRU
  • 24:25 Insurrection and riots
08/03/2012 27' 26''

Mark Fisher was a British writer, teacher, and cultural theorist whose legacy, after his death in 2017, remains one of the pillars of contemporary theory. His work, published in books, hundreds of essays, and a multitude of posts in his personal blog, K-Punk, has had a tremendous influence in many spheres, from art to music, by way of activism.

With an incisive, accessible style and an approach often rooted in pop culture but based on a constant, insightful analyisis of the neoliberal system, Fisher's work combined resistance, counterculture, dystopian melancholy, and Marxism, giving rise to a solid discourse in which art and politics irrevocably intersect.

In 2009, Fisher published his first book, Capitalist Realism, in which he explored the general sense of capitalism, which is often put forward as the only viable political and economic system, and the only logical solution. In the book, Fisher examined the role of the media, the education system, the connection between neoliberalism and mental health, and that which he called "business ontology", in a world where "internment camps and franchise coffee bars co-exist."

This podcast is the result of a conversation with Mark Fisher on crisis, insurrection, and the dangerous idea of capitalism as the only conceivable container.

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