26/01/2012 25' 58''

MACBA keeps promoting knowledge and education and improving accessibility to Museum content by diversifying the formats we use to communicate with users, visitors and the public in general.

The 2012 programme reinforces the way the MACBA Collection and temporary exhibitions are organised through a series of solo, thematic and historic shows, the fruit of research that throws ever more light onto essential episodes in the aesthetic and discursive production of our most recent art history. As a result, in 2012, this transversal programme will invite users to enjoy a wide range of platforms that showcase different elements of the Museum content: exhibitions, public programmes, educational activities, the archive, publications and the website.

Bartomeu Marí, Carles Guerra and Yaiza Hernández introduce the 2012 programme.

Son[i]acollectionBartomeu MaríCarles GuerraYaiza Hernández