15/12/2011 25' 8''

'1395 Days without Red' is a cinematic project by Šejla Kamerić and Anri Sala in collaboration with Ari Benjamin Meyers. Conceived, developed and filmed collaboratively, it led to the production of two separate films, which were presented together for the first time at MACBA.

The two films take viewers on a journey into the past from the perspective of the present, through the artists' daily routes in today's Sarajevo, which recreate what was once known as 'Sniper Alley'. Anri Sala's film was made in collaboration with Liria Begeja.

In his films, photographs and installations, Anri Sala has developed a body of work in which the notions of space, time and sound become interlinked key elements approximating fragments of a more complex reality. Through a seemingly simple story, he places the viewer in a complex scenario from a social, political and historical point of view.

In many of his works, sound is an essential structural element that requires a huge conceptual leap: he does not make sound tracks for his films; he makes sound track films that are increasingly musical, less narrative and extremely abstract.

Son[i]a talks to Anri Sala about his work, the use of absence, and the relationship between ruptures and the continuum of history.

Son[i]aAnri Sala