13/10/2011 12' 28''

From 1983 to 1991, with a view to compiling a vision of the artistic system in the 1980s, Muntadas interviewed 156 figures from the international art circuit: dealers, galleries, curators, museum guides, art critics, the media and artist themselves. In short, all those who mediate between the work and the audience. 

Muntadas then edited excerpts from these interviews into eight video 'chapters', each devoted to a different profession within the art world. The result was 'Between the Frames: The Forum', a video project originally conceived in the form of a panopticon and first presented at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio (USA).

In it, seven cells, each equipped screens simultaneously showing the eight chapters (dealers and galleries are combined into one cell), were arranged around a central space. In 2010, the MACBA Foundation acquired the installation in its original incarnation (the panopticon), adapted to its exhibition space.

Between the Frames: The Forum (Barcelona) invites spectators to make fresh readings and interpretations of Muntadas' installation, which was long in the making and has undergone constant reformulation. Such reinterpretations are encouraged by the inclusion, along with the installation itself – which is produced according to Muntadas' original idea – of documentation (photographs, diagrams and texts) illustrating the different ways in which it has been presented, whilst the MACBA Study Centre also makes available video recordings of the full versions of the 156 original interviews.

Son[i]a talks to Bartomeu Marí and Muntadas about the installation and video project 'MACBA Collection. Muntadas. Between the Frames: The Forum (Barcelona), 1983-1993 (2011)'.