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Suely Rolnik is a psychoanalyst, essayist and professor of Clinical Psychology at the Catholic University of São Paulo, where she coordinates the Subjectivity Studies Centre. Between 1970 and 1979 she was exiled in Paris, where she graduated in philosophy, social sciences, and psychology. Her ongoing relationship with Giles Deleuze – some of whose work she translated into Portuguese – and with Félix Guattari dates from this period.

During this time she also began her friendship with the artist Lygia Clark, whose last work, "Estructuraçaõ do self", was the subject of her thesis in France (1978) and of the research project "Nós somos o molde. A vocês cabe o sopro. Lygia Clark, da obra ao acontecimento". Rolnik is the co-author of "Micropolítica. Cartografias do desejo" (1986; 7th revised edition, 2005), along with Guattari, and a regular contributor to journals such as Multitudes, Traffic, Chimères, Parkett and Trópico.

Son[i]a talks to Suely Rolnik about the ethical, aesthetic, political and clinical dimension of the artistic experience.

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