10/02/2011 12' 30''

The Otolith Grou is an artist-led collective founded in London in 2000 by Anjalika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun. Under the title "The Otolith Group. Thoughtform", MACBA will host a large proportion of the works the group has produced to date. The show enables visitors to explore an unusual working method that, through films, texts, science fiction posters, photographs and other materials, documents the complex decision-making processes that lead to the final work, reflecting on rather more than just the films shown.

In reality, the exhibition is an exploration of the perception and nature of documentary practice, and the group's films therefore "expand", acquiring the effect of a collage of images that create a new atlas narrating the different forms taken by post-colonial situations. From Cold War ideology to global capitalism processes, recent history appears as fragments of a personal diary which, in turn, could be fiction.

Bartomeu Marí, Chus Martínez and Kodwo Eshun speak about the exhibition.

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