18/11/2010 13' 17''

"Are you Ready for TV?" is not an exhibition "about" television, but rather "from" television, where a number of exceptional tenants (artists and thinkers ) have "taken over" the television medium to force it to speak another language and provoke a fertile irritation. This exhibition brings together pieces made between 1960 and the present by 150 creators and professionals of the television medium, including Chris Burden, Jef Cornelis, Martin Kippenberger, David Lamelas, Guy Debord, Richard Serra, Bill Viola, Martha Rosler, Lucio Fontana, Samuel Beckett, Jan Dibbets, Joan Jonas, Peter Weibel, Dara Birnbaum, John Berger, Alexander Kluge, Antoni Muntadas, Harun Farocki, Paloma Chamorro, Joaquín Soler Serrano, Marta Traba, Robert Hughes, Judith Barry and Andy Warhol, among others.

The display, curated by Chus Martínez, has enjoyed the collaboration of Dora García in the preparation of the script; Johan Grimonprez and Félix Pérez-Hita, with two selections of programmes for internet; and Albert Serra on the interrelationship between television and cinema, and who also presents a hitherto unpublished mini-series filmed in the MACBA.

Son[i]a speaks with Chus Martínez about the exhibition.


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