22/09/2011 41' 58''

Produced by Matias Rossi

Over the past twenty years, Mark Gergis has immersed himself in popular and folk music scenes and subgenres from Syria, Iraq, Sumatra, Cambodia, Thailand and other places, in order to rescue what he calls 'sound anomalies' from oblivion: records, songs, artists and productions that stand out for their singularity in relation to the mass. This North American of Iraqi origins does not approach collecting as an indiscriminate accumulation or an attempt to reconstruct the musical history of a particular country or region down to the last detail with an academic’s rigour.

His interest lies in the originality and extravagance of musical products gestated on the margins of the mainstream, or in everything that seems to posses these qualities from an outsider’s perspective. Because in his untiring process of research and discovery, Gergis is fully aware that his work lies in a grey area in which the model archivist’s neutrality and objectivity are replaced by aesthetic criteria/prejudices.

An unusual process of filtering and assimilation that celebrates the clash of civilisations, even beyond idiomatic, chronological, cultural and sociogeographic barriers.


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