25/02/2008 50' 58''
Yasunao Tone's score

Curated by Barbara Held and Pilar Subirà

LINES OF SIGHT #1 takes inspiration from recent projects concerning the musical score; musical, sociological, biological explorations of how our minds and intuition translate and transmit music.

The compositions on this program have been realized from scores as varied as an interactive computer software controlled by a live performer, verbal instructions that undermine a pre-recorded playerpiano recording, data from a gps navigational system that converts geographical position into mathematical sounds, a text by Jacques Derrida and three superimposed similarly evanescing matrices of differently white numbers.

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01 Matthew Marble and Seth Nehil, "Ecclipsis", 2003-2005 (excerpt)
02 David Behrman, "Long Throw, Beginning", 2007
03 M Yolande Harris, "Taking Soundings", 2006-2007
04 Bob Ashley, "White on White", 1963-2007 (performed by Jennifer Choi, violin; Alex Waterman, cello; David Watson, guitar)
05 Jens Brand, "New Methods for Circular Breathing, #3 / Player Piano & Piano Player", 2001-2006 (performed by Clemens Rave)
06 Yasunao Tone, "The Origin of Geometry: An Introduction", 2006 (Zeena Parkins, harp)


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