05/06/2012 60' 28''

Curated by José Manuel Berenguer and Carlos Gómez

Sounds in Cause works as an archive containing the sound heritage of a series of cultural contexts in Latin America where, for good or ill, the environment is expected to experience irreversible changes in the short and medium term as a result of economic growth. The Orquestra del Caos began collecting samples in October 2009. At present, the archive includes 300 Gigabytes of samples of soundscapes from seven Latin American contexts.

The collection and dissemination of sound data for subsequent use in artistic and research projects fits perfectly within the raison d’etre of Caos->Sonoscop. Through international sound-based artistic interventions, this project aims to raise awareness of these changes, firstly in the vicinity of the sites where the sound samples are recorded, and secondly in all the different cultural centres in which the artists involved in the international call for participation organised by Orquestra del Caos work.

Furthermore, its essence is to try to introduce scientific methodologies into arts practice on one hand, and to encourage science to look outside of itself and use approaches borrowed from other contexts on the other.

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