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Son[i]a #292
David Levine


David Levine works in, with, or towards theatre, depending on how you look at it. His background as a commercial theatre director and his deep admiration for Minimalism and the Conceptual art of the second half of the 20th century overlap, complement each other, and brutally collide in a body of work that constantly speaks about the limits, codes, spaces, methods, and audiences of theatre.

Levine’s work draws from the profoundly popular tradition of American realist theatre in order to carry out experiments that are often profoundly unpopular, difficult to document, or simply invisible. In “Bauerntheater” (2007), for example, Levine hired American actor David Barlow to step into the shoes of a German farmer in the most direct way possible: spending five weeks (after an initial month of rehearsals in a Brooklyn studio) working ten hours a day on a hectare of land in a field in Brandenburg, Germany. “Bauerntheater”, which became something of a media phenomenon, is a scathing commentary on the global labour market, work, resistance, and authenticity.

In this podcast, David Levine discusses this piece and some of his other works, as well as the historical precedents of what he calls “infiltrations” in everyday life, such as Adrian Piper’s The Mythic Being, Vito Acconci’s Following Piece, and Lynn Hershman Leeson’s Roberta Breitmore. Almost an hour chatting about reality and fiction, representation, invisibility, loops, and disappearances of all kinds.

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Son[i]a #324
Juan Domínguez

A key figure in the field of live arts, Juan Domínguez describes himself as “a conceptual clown, magical cowboy, model-poet, and curator of pleasure.” His artistic body of work is situated both in and out of choreography, and champions excess as well as measure. In any case, he never loses sight of the question that guides his practice: “What shall we do together in this present moment to construct reality?” 

We talk at length with Juan Domínguez about changing the parameters of live arts, putting a frame on reality, the complexities of participation and co-authorship, and Juan’s efforts to tense time and grow older with his projects and audiences. We also talk about his (admiring) envy of TV series, about robberies, about necessary and supporting co-conspirators, about the body and politics, and about discipline and chaos.

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Son[i]a choreography dance Juan Domínguez
52 MIN
Son[i]a #333
Antonia Baehr

Antonia Baehr’s works explore the fiction of the everyday and of the theatre, among other themes. That’s how her official bio at the time of writing this starts. But it does not fully convey the level of meticulousness that goes into her performances in order to emphasise every little aspect of the area between everyday life and the theatre. We talk to Antonia Baehr about switching roles, about her strategies for collaboration, some of her alter egos, gender stereotypes, and much, much more. Prepare for a bumpy ride that will take you from scores and Fluxus, to imitation, fetishism, and socks, by way of drag kings, drag queens, S&M, contracts, and even telepathic connections.

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22 MIN
Son[i]a #149
Xavier Le Roy

Interview with the dancer and choreographer Xavier Le Roy about his choreographies and working processes.

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Son[i]a choreography dance Xavier Le Roy
104 MIN
Son[i]a #283
Boris Charmatz

Dance interpreter, choreographer, thinker, writer, teacher and curator Boris Charmatz reflects on how to address power structures within the artistic field. He also talks about polisemy, collectivity, communities and anti-communities, radical pedagogy, dissent, the Musée de la danse, the complex and inexhaustible relationship between dance and history, working inside gestures, and the beauty of older people skateboarding.

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Son[i]a Boris Charmatz choreography Creative Commons dance durational podcasts Re-Imagine Europe
23 MIN
Son[i]a #219
Gigiotto Del Vecchio

Art gallerist, critic and curator Gigiotto Del Vecchio talks about some of the key aspects of The Living Theater: an attempt to break the fourth wall and promote ideas of anarcho-pacifism and liberalism around the world.

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Son[i]a Gigiotto Del Vecchio performance The Living Theater

This programme transmits "Pillars", a new piece for radio by Robert Ashley, pioneer of opera-for-television and the use of language in a musical setting.

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