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Son[i]a #182
Bradien and Escoffet


Since it was founded in Barcelona in 2005, Bradien has cultivated its own particular patch of pop music: an unusual, eminently instrumental sound influenced by Jamaican culture, soundtracks and exotica.

In a project that resists many of the clichés of conventional pop its members wanted to avoid the canonical forms of voice, so they turned to other types of expression, such as poetry. This attitude led to the start of a collaboration between the group and the poet and performer Eduard Escoffet in 2009. In late 2012 they released the album ‘Pols’, an overlapping of Brandien’s audio vignettes and Escoffet’s linguistic experimentation.

SON[I]A talks to Matías Rossi, founding member of Bradien, and Eduard Escoffet, who have chosen a series of concepts with which to contextualise the content of ‘Pols’ and explain their collaborative project: anchorage points that enhance our understanding of the background, processes and intentions of their synthesis of poetry and music.

10 anchorage points selected for SON[I]A
John Giorno, ‘Completely Attached to Delusion’
Eden Ahbez, ‘Full Moon’
Robert Ashley, ‘She Was a Visitor’
Edwin Torres, ‘Meopei’
eMMplekz , ‘The Square Quill’
Arnaldo Antunes, ‘Dois o mais corpos no mesmo espaço’
General Strike, ‘Parts of My Body’
Tarwater, ‘The Bomb. Scenario for Auditorium’
Roj , ‘Rejoice! He Is Here’
Rozalie Hirs, ‘In LA’

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SON[I]A #182
Bradien + Eduard Escoffet mixtape

A mixtape made from Matías Rossi (Bradien) and Eduard Escoffet's exclusive music selection for SON[I]A #182.

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Son[i]a #182 Bradien and Escoffet
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