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Son[i]a #165
Miguel Noguera


‘If the world ends in 2012, at least we can say that somebody managed to brush the expressive limits of humour with his fingertips.’ This is how Nacho Vigalondo describes Miguel Noguera’s irreverent, sceptical comic style.

Miguel Noguera studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. There, his skill for drawing began to merge with his preference for absurd humour and his fondness for a rogue performance style based on the path of least resistance.

Over the years, these early experiences evolved into the Ultrashow – seemingly improvised monologues in which Noguera shares his ideas with the help of a series of drawings. His art is difficult to pigeonhole and fits a museum as easily as a theatre.

Noguera is the author three books to date; he also has a section on the show ‘El matí’ on Catalunya Ràdio, and collaborates with the duo Venga Monjas. In 2010, Chus Martínez included him Creamier magazine’s list of the best one hundred emerging artists.

SON[I]A talks to Miguel Noguera about the start of his career, his working methods and his vision of contemporary art.

Son[i]a Miguel Noguera
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Son[i]a #165 Miguel Noguera
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