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Curated by Anki Toner

One of the phenomena covered in my collection of gramophonic objects is the dislocation between the object that contains the information (the record) and the information it contains. For this reason, my collection contains records that mention, replicate, utilise or study the phenomena of vinyl, the record player and/or studio recordings. That is to say, records that are, in some way, meta-records.

For purposes of clarification I have divided the collection into the six following categories:

A) Pure meta-records: records that speak about themselves and/or records that simulate the effects of a record.
B) Meta-derived records: records that speak about other records, gramophones or recordings.
C) Scratch: the manipulation of vinyl as an instrument.
D) Surface noise: the sound of vinyl used as an instrument.
E) Record players without records: the sound of a record player used as an instrument.
F) Locked grooves records (loops): vinyls that have been created to be used as instruments.

Anki Toner, Autum 2012

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In this project Alan Bishop vindicates the use of radio as an electronic instrument in a journey through time and space that unearths old recordings from the AM and FM airwaves made during his first trip to Spain and Morocco in 1983.

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A musical selection of some of the secret jewels found in Ed Veenstra's record collection, specialised in Broken Music: records and paramusical works produced by visual artists and other avant-garde creators.

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This is a conversation by email with Dutch collector Ed Veenstra, which took place on April 2011, to prepare a monograph on his sound collection.

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This is a conversation by email with the Spanish Gramophonic collector Anki Toner, which took place in Summer 2012.

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INTERRUPTIONS #9 Meta-records
Son[i]a #384
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