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The possibility of drumming


By Morten J. Olsen

One can easily compile a list of tags to describe a mix, but the real question is whether the list comes after the mix, or whether all those items in the list were already in the author’s practise/background to begin with. Or maybe it’s a bit of both? Innate music, innate rhythms, universal grammar, YouTube-anthropology, vestigiality, rudiments, Swiss mercenaries, acid techno and other elemental forms of expression. Norwegian drummer Morten J. Olsen (of N.M.O and MoHa! fame) delivers a true tour de force of a mix in which he manages to connect all those more or less distant dots, in order to share his very unique views on percussion music.

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Tatiana Heuman

To the Argentinian trumpeter, percussionist, songwriter, and producer Tatiana Heuman, the world is a dance floor and and sound comes into being through close bodily combat involving intuition, movement, and hurdles. Thus, a paradox arises in the recording process, when spontaneity and corporality are reduced to mere beats on a timeline. In this podcast, Tatiana Heuman talks about music that runs through the body, about the intersections between dance and percussion, about sounds that move, about deconstructed folklore and babbling, about formal and informal teaching, about addition and subtraction, about names that don’t mean anything, and about the experiences of women who play and lug around drum kits. 

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Anna Friz’s mix and text present a collage exploring the environment, morphology and taxonomy of the little people inside the radio.

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Son[i]a #248
André Lepecki

André Lepecki talks about the chronopolitics of disappearance, dance, Louis XIV, the acquisition of choreography, testimonial power, object-oriented ontologies, choreopolicing, the writing of movement, and selfies.

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