• 00:01 Dialogue between art practice and science and academia
  • 05:21 Parabolic speakers, refractive panels and long waves. Phenomena is hard to grasp
  • 08:01 Negotiating the environment: Tasmania and an interest in long waves
  • 15:24 Subs and phased out space
  • 17:16 Building subwoofers
  • 18:37 Highlighting energy: speakers and reflective panels
  • 22:12 The ungraspable: stuff is there!
04/05/2023 23' 26''
Anthea Caddy "Long Throw: An Exploration of an Expanded Energetic System for Cello and Loud Speaker". Installation for Kontejner, Zagreb

We dig up some unreleased bits of our conversation with the Tasmanian-born, Berlin-based experimental cellist and sound artist Anthea Caddy. We talk about the dialogue between her practice and science and academia, but also about infrasound, long wave data, mirrors, reflection, the ungraspable and the negotiation with the environment and space.

Coproduced by Sonic Acts. Photo courtesy of Kontejner. Conversation: Anna Ramos. Sound production: Albert Tarrats and André Chêdas.
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