• 00:01 The instrumentalisation of difference and the melancholy of normality
  • 01:23 Centre, periphery, and getting rid of prejudices
  • 05:49 Research practice, legitimised knowledge and rigour
  • 11:09 Video 9
  • 11:34 Cruising as a practice and as a language
  • 17:03 Artistic practice must touch you, move you, break you: Conxita Gasol, the idea of the nuclear family and the gay mother
  • 23:19 Médico de familia (a Spanish series)
08/08/2022 26' 19''

We dig up some unreleased fragments of our conversation with researcher, artist and cultural worker Daniel Gasol. We talk about the instrumentalisation of difference, the melancholy of normality, research practice, legitimised and non-legitimised knowledge… and a bunch of mid-to-long term plans.

Conversation: Ricardo Cárdenas and Anna Ramos. Edition: Ricardo Cárdenas. Sound production: Anna Ramos.
ExtraDaniel Gasolqueersexual dissidenceCreative Commons

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