• 00:01 Borders do believe you exist
  • 01:32 Notes on “My Feminism Will Be Intersectional or It Will Be Bullshit”. Adding Eva Perón to the genealogy
  • 07:13 Consistency between what one says and what one does
  • 10:52 Privileges and responsibilities
  • 14:10 The Royal Spanish Academy, a colonial legacy that persists
  • 16:14 Pandemic boredom as a trigger for research on "Beauty and the Machine".
  • 20:32 Impoverishment as an aesthetic
  • 23:20 The difference between luxury and opulence. Third World Opulence and Sergio De Loof
  • 26:51 Activism or art? The banana is art, but the t-shirt is not?
  • 28:29 WeChat and Taobao
  • 30:47 The fake in aspirational culture
  • 33:12 Access and privilege
  • 34:29 Dapper Dan's logomania
  • 38:02 Do you want a Hermès Birkin bag?
  • 41:47 Cardi B collects Birkins: wearing what you’re not supposed to
  • 44:07 The dangerous idea of the “natural”
  • 45:49 Humanised robots and violence
  • 51:06 Trajectories of technologies of repression and torture: from the periphery to the metropolis
  • 54:22 Deep fakes
  • 57:11 Scavenger of theory: the irrelevance of academia and the education Uber
  • 59:47 “Do your thing”
22/06/2022 63' 20''
We chat

We dig up some unreleased fragments of our conversation with Argentinian writer and researcher Flavia Dzodan.

Conversation: Verónica Lahitte, Roc Jiménez de Cisneros, Txe Roimeser and Anna Ramos. Script: Verónica Lahitte. Sound production: Anna Ramos.
Extraalgorithmmigra and colonialitydecolonialismAIFlavia DzodanCreative Commons

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