• 00:01 Lockdown: an opportunity to read black radical literature and sci-fi
  • 02:49 Emancipatory practices
  • 04:59 'Still': a VR experiment
  • 07:32 Recordings vs live shows
  • 10:14 Working with others
  • 14:45 Bagpipes and pipe organs
20/04/2022 18' 21''
Jessica Ekomane

We dig up some unreleased fragments of our conversation with sound artist and musician Jessica Ekomane. We talk about sci-fi and emancipatory spaces, her VR project, her approach to live shows and her collaborations.

Conversation: Roc Jiménez de Cisneros, Albert Tarrats and Anna Ramos. Production: André Chêdas.
ExtraJessica Ekomanecomputer musicAfrican diasporasound + technologyCreative CommonsDeleted Scenes

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