• 00:01 The Mayapple Energy Transition Collective
  • 04:39 Feminist citation practices
  • 06:54 Other femenist strategies in writing
  • 08:47 The collective is still a challenge for academia
  • 12:03 The narrow understanding of feminism in Energy Studies and energy policy making
  • 15:07 The ubiquitousness of trolling
  • 20:36 The masculinity part of "Petro-masculinity"
  • 24:38 The pandemic, health and well-being
  • 31:02 Childcare vs academic career
  • 36:00 How I got to energy studies
  • 41:25 Parenting in these mad times
  • 43:05 Understanding structural racism and making decisions of what we pass on
11/03/2022 46' 30''
Rolling coal

We dig up some unreleased fragments of our conversation with writer and researcher Cara New Daggett. We talk about the Mayapple Energy Transition Collective, feminist citation practices, collective writing and the difficulties academia still has with such exercises. We share the traumatic experience of being trolled after writing her essay "Petro-masculinity: Fossil Fuels and Authoritarian Desire". Coping with the pandemic and parenting with the climate crisis on the horizon are also brought to the table.

Conversation: Albert Tarrats, Verónica Lahitte, Ricardo Cárdenas and Anna Ramos. Production: Albert Tarrats.
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