• 00:01 Heritage in Ghana and Ivory Coast: Afrobeat and high-life
  • 00:34 Music runs in the family: My granpa was a well-known trumpetist in the 50s
  • 01:24 Influences: Fennesz, Tim Hecker, Ben Frost. Physical and emotional music as a reference
  • 05:20 A tribute to Peter Rehberg and Editions Mego
  • 06:38 Before Pita, we lost Mika Vainio
  • 07:35 My live shows
  • 08:53 Max MSP, AI, semi-tones, melodyne, dereverb and other tricks
19/01/2022 12' 4''
Aho Ssan

We dig up some unreleased fragments of our conversation with French sound artist Aho Ssan. We talk about his African heritage, his influences and we pay homage to two big names in electronic music, who sadly are no longer with us: Pita and Mika Vainio.

Conversation: Anna Ramos. Production: Violeta Ospina y Anna Ramos.
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