• 00:01 A few notes on early influences. Next Festival, Guy van Belle, up until the creation of LOM
  • 07:03 LOM as a public space: further notes on their activities and approach
  • 12:27 LOM-You
  • 15:03 Building a geophone for field recordists
  • 17:33 First reaction and experiments in the pandemic: UV light sterilisers
  • 21:31 The non-essentialness of sound work. Listening to pristine nature sounds
  • 26:30 The entry to Agharta
  • 29:10 From insects to birds. Landscape listening and documenting
  • 31:39 The politics of inhabiting and sharing the city. And some minor sonic activism.
  • 35:14 Gamelan
  • 39:07 Mushrooms and mycelia
  • 41:39 Phallus impudicus
  • 44:47 Oyster mushrooms, coffee grounds and cigarrette butts
  • 47:41 What mushrooms harvest
10/12/2020 52' 38''
Jonáš Gruska's experiments with mycelia and mushrooms

We dig up some unreleased fragments of our conversation with the slovak sound artist Jonáš Gruska that we were unable to include the first time around.

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