• 00:01 Frederick Wiseman vs Werner Herzog’s approach to documentaries. Early works and performances of real life scenarios.
  • 02:22 A few thoughts on ‘reaction-based art’. Art might not be an efficient means for action.
  • 05:40 An inflatable in a subway wagon. Creating communality through an unplanned alien action.
  • 08:43 Food for algorithms. Feeding platforms mediating experiences.
  • 12:16 Objects vs inmaterial art
  • 18:38 You’re gonna melt a serious amount of ice to tell people about Climate Change
  • 19:39 Becoming the object
  • 21:29 A few thoughts about tea: temporality, sociability, simplicity
  • 23:35 Localising taste for teas. The non-existing European herbal tea culture.
  • 26:49 Machine learning and racism. The impossibility of being outside the system
  • 31:16 Kudos to Guy Birkin: decoding TCF
  • 31:58 “415C47197F78E811FEEB7862288306EC4137FD4EC3DED8B”
19/10/2020 34' 50''


“415C47197F78E811FEEB7862288306EC4137FD4EC3DED8B” decoded by Guy Birkin

We dig up some unreleased fragments of our conversation with sound artist Lars Holdhus that we were unable to include the first time around.

This podcast is part of Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. Produced in collaboration with Next Festival/A4.
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