• 00:01 Frederick Wiseman vs Werner Herzog’s approach to documentaries. Early works and performances of real life scenarios.
  • 02:22 A few thoughts on ‘reaction-based art’. Art might not be an efficient means for action.
  • 05:40 An inflatable in a subway wagon. Creating communality through an unplanned alien action.
  • 08:43 Food for algorithms. Feeding platforms mediating experiences.
  • 12:16 Objects vs inmaterial art
  • 18:38 You’re gonna melt a serious amount of ice to tell people about Climate Change
  • 19:39 Becoming the object
  • 21:29 A few thoughts about tea: temporality, sociability, simplicity
  • 23:35 Localising taste for teas. The non-existing European herbal tea culture.
  • 26:49 Machine learning and racism. The impossibility of being outside the system
  • 31:16 Kudos to Guy Birkin: decoding TCF
  • 31:58 “415C47197F78E811FEEB7862288306EC4137FD4EC3DED8B”
19/10/2020 34' 50''
“415C47197F78E811FEEB7862288306EC4137FD4EC3DED8B” decoded by Guy Birkin

This podcast is part of Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. Produced in collaboration with Next Festival/A4.

We dig up some unreleased fragments of our conversation with sound artist Lars Holdhus that we were unable to include the first time around.

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