• 00:01 Video projects with Aina Šmid (1982). From homemade editing to the analysis of films.
  • 02:09 A socialist appropriation of Cindy Sherman
  • 03:48 “Homosexuality and culture”, the first coming out of the gay and lesbian community in 1984 in Slovenia
  • 07:41 And then the 90s was all about the war in the Balkans
  • 09:31 The window of opportunity that came with Socialism: it did not take culture into account
  • 10:18 From the 2000s on: it's about capitalism
  • 13:12 Vocabularies, dystopia, humanity
29/07/2020 21' 1''

We dig up some unreleased fragments of our conversation with video artist, activist and researcher Marina Gržinić, which we were unable to include the first time around. Marina reflects on her trajectory, together with Aina Šmid, in the field of video art and new media, from the eighties to the present day, from a feminist and socialist perspective.

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