• 00:01 Some notes about "Fuga"
  • 05:04 "Veure la llum", 1996
  • 13:01 Eugènia Balcells Foundation
02/02/2023 21' 15''
Eugènia Balcells, "Veure la llum", instal·lació al MACBA, 1996

We dig up some unreleased fragments of the conversation with artist and researcher Eugènia Balcells, which we were unable to use the first time around. We share notes on her work Fuga—which she considers seminal to her practice and to her relationship with light—and on the educational project Veure la llum, which was carried out as part of her exhibition Seeing the Light at MACBA in 1996. To wrap up, we talk about her vison for the Eugènia Balcells Foundation: 400 hectares at Les Gavarres, where she can bring together her legacy and establish interdisciplinary dialogue in nature. 

Conversation: Loli Acebal and Anna Ramos. Script: Loli Acebal. Sound production: Anna Ramos. Image: Eugènia Balcells "Veure la llum", (MACBA, 1996)
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