• 00:01 Notes on trades
  • 01:22 A bakery, groceries, photography, a catholic school, and the river, all on his doorstep. And a multipurpose tailor’s table
  • 02:45 More trades: esparto weaver, cobbler, musician...
  • 03:13 One’s trade is one’s life
  • 03:38 Homage to Duchamp
  • 05:22 Maps... enfangados (covered in mud)
  • 06:16 Maps and territory
  • 07:02 Water and land
  • 07:51 1983: Enfangadas in France and in schools. Working with the context.
  • 11:02 Found objects: keep and discard
  • 11:56 “Peus d'armari”, 1984. Tous Collection
  • 13:00 “Observar el Daró”, 1994: contemplation actions
12/11/2021 14' 59''
Map of Spain

We dig up some unreleased fragments of our conversation with conceptual artist Pere Noguera. Notes on trades and their influence on his work, his use of maps, his homage to Duchamp, and his work with the territory.

Conversation: Loli Acebal, Ricardo Cárdenas, Violeta Ospina and Anna Ramos. Script: Loli Acebal. Sound production: Anna Ramos.
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